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Notification, 22.09.2010:

We are not planing to disable the fodi-service. Even we are discussing to relaunch a new application with similar functionality. You can send feedback via mail according current functionality and suggest new features to be implemented in the new version. Direct your mails to petar.beck at gmail dot com

regards, petar beck.

FoDi makes your life easier. just select the pictures you want to publish using
drag 'n drop for example and click 'Upload!' - that's it. The forum-friendly
paste code is being copied automatically to the clipboard and you only have to press


FoDi v0.6.1 (zip/425KB) - 28.04.2006 (click here to download)

FoDi v06.1 (exe/935KB) - 28.04.2006 (click here to download)


Author: Petar Beck
Feedback and Bugreports, please send to
(or visit us at


To see examples and changelogs, please visit the
official fodi forum topic